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      1. Pingxiang Petrochemical Packing Co., Ltd.
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        Add: Xiangdong Ceramic Industrial
        Park, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province
        P.C.: 337022 P.R.China
        Chairman: Xv Huaisheng 13907993138
        General manager: Liu Qihong 13607994088
        Tel: +86-799-3411918
        Fax: +86-799-3412668
        E-mail: pcp@sino-packing.com
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        Structured Packings

        The Ceramic structured packing has the advantages of a higher surface area, flux, less resistance, higher efficiency, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance (up to 1000°C or above). It is flexible in operation and without amplification effect in a large tower, and particularly suitable for the rectification and absorption of corrosive mixture on the occasion of strict requirements of pressure drop and number of theoretical plates.
        Owing to its thin wall, high void and capacity, low fluid resistance, and heat & corrosion resistance, metallic packings, include carbon steel or stainless steel, applied to handle the thermal-sensitive, hard to separation and easy carbonized materials in the vacuum rectifying towers.
        Metallic Structured Packings include perforated & corrugated plate, corrugated plate gauze, pricked & corrugated plate, corrugated wire gauze and, annular corrugated plate.

        Ceramic Structured Packings Ceramic porcelain light Structured Packing Metallic Structured Packing
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